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We organize game jams to bring people together and make a difference in the world!

Let's get started...together let's help build a world full of great games of all kinds!


This site is dedicated to games for all, by all. If you love games and respect your fellow human beings, it is dedicated to you, too.

We did it!

Our first jam featuring female protagonists was a worldwide success.

Play the games!.

Read the founder's opening remarks here.

Stay tuned for what's next!

Hybrid Soundwords has donated an audio package for one lucky jam team! Click for details.


This site is about you… and you and you and you! It's about all of us. Together we all play, and together we can make great things: games have the power to change the world, and so do you!

It's more than being annoyed when reading something you feel is deeply misguided. It's about stepping up as a community to make a difference in the world. There is a large portion of under-represented people, undeveloped content, and unrealized potential in the games industry today. Large, risk-averse companies are creating content based on misguided perceptions of what gamers want. It's time to challenge those perceptions. Let's jam!

More background? Click for a personal perspective on the jam.

Not in Vancouver? Want to participate remotely, or host a remote site?


Join us July 12-14th at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC, where we will spend 48-hours making games featuring awesome female protaganists.

We have a theme, all we need is your creativity, energy, and tenacity! If you are an artist, a designer, a developer, or a writer and you want to make a game with us, please consider signing up.

You can come with a team, or you can arrive without one (there will be lots of people to join up with).

We'll suit you up with a snazzy t-shirt and if we can raise enough funds through sponsorship then we will provide food for the weekend.

The jam will start at 6pm on Friday and conclude at 6pm on Sunday.


Vancouver Registration:


Want to participate remotely? Live near one of our remote sites?


We still need help to cover costs for this event for 150 people. If you believe in this cause and helping make this happen, please consider a donation. We will put your logo everywhere we can as a thank you and to show the world that you want to make it a better place, too!

We'll even give you a hug. Contact us!


Connect with us through email or follow us on Twitter.

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